Respite should be relaxing

At Anavoli we believe that respite is about choices, it's up to you if you want to come for a total relax and spend your time sleeping in and reading a good book, or enjoying our full range of digital entertainments on a super comfortable, fully electric reclining arm chair. Perhaps you'd like to spend some time immersed in a hobby, or getting out and about in nature and the community, we'll design your respite to your specification and thoroughly enjoy assisting you to see it through.


Spend time outdoors in a secure environment, in our raised vegetable garden beds, native shrubbery borders or small greenhouse*. We have tools, seeds and anything else you need to keep your thumbs green. You can tell us what you'd like to achieve when you book in.

* Anavoli is an organic site, we provide gloves and, where requested, masks, however gardening comes with exposure to dirt, dust and microbes, and you'll be asked to acknowledge this risk during booking.


In our accessible kitchen the lowered bench and extensive use of under-bench drawers enable you to complete any baking or cooking project you can think of. If you have a particular recipe you'd like to have a go at just let us know during booking and we'll have the ingredients* and equipment here for you.

* Specialty ingredients that are not stocked will be charged additionally at cost +5% admin fee.

Art and Craft

We have an extensive range of art and craft supplies here, from fabric and a sewing machine to canvas' and paints*, cardboard boxes and tubes, even glitter and corn puffs for the creative child. All of our supplies are securely stored so if they're not appropriate or hazardous to the guest they'll be safely locked out of sight and mind.

*Specialty paints and art supplies can be provided, they'll be charged additionally at cost + 5% admin fee.


Do you like the outdoors? If you want to get back to nature we can take you there. The beach, river, mountains, we love it all. If you'd like to include an outing during your stay please tell us about it during booking and we can arrange it all, transport and equipment can be provided where necessary. Let's go exploring:)

* Some equipment and transport options incur additional cost, we'll advise you of any that apply when we plan your excursion.


If you'd like a hair cut while you're here just let us know and we'll have the hairdresser come to you, or if you prefer we can take you to the stylist of your choice*.

* Availability dependent on your stylist's ability to see you, we can liaise with them and co-ordinate this for you.

*Our hairdresser comes at an additional charge, see price list.


We can pick you up, drop you off, and provide transport if you'd like to tick off some errands and/or appointments while you're here, maybe you want to take your time and browse the supermarket aisles, or go to the library, perhaps even go for a swim, we're here to meet your needs so all you need to do is tell us what they are and we'll organise the rest.

* We do need you to sign a Transport agreement for us to do this so please let us know if you require this service during booking.

Additional Charges

‚ÄčThese  services incur additional charges that are based on the cost we pay for the service plus a 5% administration fee.

All charges will be itemised and confirmed prior to you confirming your booking.

Contact us



excl GST

For short and part days please advise during book in

Lovely local lady, great with children

Wet and dry cuts

Styling by request

Health appointments

Variable tbc with service 


External providers prices apply, we'll advise before you're committed

Physio therapist

Registered Nurse

Social Worker

Personal trainer

Food items

Food items that cost more than  $26/kilo will be charged additionally 

Specified during book in

You design the menu for your stay, or tell us your needs and we will meet them

You can prepare your own meals, help us prepare them or let us cater for you.

Off-site activities

Off-site activities will be charged at their cost, including travel, plus a 5% administration fee.

You can tell us what you want to do during book in

Failure to prepare, is preparing to fail, we will take you through a planning process that ensures maximum safety and enjoyment.

Risk acknowledgements apply